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Dorchester is Distinctive. Our past is proud and our future is very bright. We are home to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, UMass-Boston, The Boston Globe, a great golf course, stunning waterfront walks, and the Franklin Park Zoo -- not to mention chic restaurants and interesting architecture.

On our Dorchester Links page you'll find everything from restaurants, to great harbor walks and even yoga classes. Want to go canoeing on the Neponset River? Or go birding on the Neponset Greenway? Our Dorchester Links page has that too!
One of my favorite websites is the Dorchester Atheneum which has an archive of hundreds of old photos of homes in Dorchester. Is yours one of them? Also,the Dorchester Historical Society is rich in Dorchester history and preservation.

Located on Dorchester Bay, we have wonderful waterfront walks and bike trails. There are delightful walks at Castle Island and Pleasure Bay in nearby South Boston.

In the Local Phone Numbers area you'll find helpful phone numbers and website links to everyday items such as How to get a new Recyling Bin or even how to Get a Dog License. Utility phone numbers are there as well. Check it out.

The Dorchester Links and Boston Area Links provide ample volunteer opportunites as well. We hope you'll want to contribute to our great city and neighborhood.

Dorchester is ethnically and culturally diverse, and because of its size and wide range of neigborhoods, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to begin looking for a home. From Irish families who have been here for generations, to new Irish immigrants, a vibrant Vietnamese community, a Cape Verdean community, a growing gay community, a rich Carribean connection, and a wide ranging African American presence, we can help you decide which neighborhood is right for you.

Dorchester is by far the largest of the Boston neighborhoods and that sometimes means that if there's a crime report several miles away, it can affect the reputation of our entire community. Safety is a concern in any urban neighborhood and we take it seriously, which is why we've included a link to the Boston Police Blog. Most neighborhoods in Dorchester have a good safety record, something we strive to maintain and improve upon.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website as much as we enjoy exploring Dorchester. We hope we've given you enough information about our community to begin exploring Dorchester yourself.